Spam counts for 2004

by Michael Alderete on 2/22/2005

2004 was a big year for spam, after Congress voted to make it legal at the end of 2003. The result: spam increased sharply in 2004.

But in my own, more personal battles with spam I’ve been more successful at holding back the tide. My stats for 2004:

Filtered Mail
36278 Good Messages
72239 Spam Messages (67%)
197 Spam Messages Per Day

SpamSieve Accuracy
135 False Positives
451 False Negatives (77%)
99.5% Correct

Nearly seventy five thousand spam messages came at me, but thanks to SpamSieve a mere 451 made it into my Inbox. That’s less than two spams a day. Simply amazing.

Even more amazing is that the second half of 2004 was far better than the average for the entire year, meaning that while the rest of the internet went to hell, my own situation actually improved as the year went on:

Filtered Mail
15729 Good Messages
32650 Spam Messages (67%)
176 Spam Messages Per Day

SpamSieve Accuracy
53 False Positives
181 False Negatives (77%)
99.5% Correct

I would attribute this improvement primarily to the new filters I added to my oldest, most spammed email address, and the deactivation of a few temporary addresses I created.

Interestingly and unfortunately, the spam volume seems to have begun to go up again in 2005, as so far I’ve averaged 199 spam messages a day this year. I’ve expired a few more highly targeted addresses, though, in hopes of beating some of it back. Time will tell…

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