2005 Tournament, round 1

by Michael Alderete on 3/19/2005

After the first round, it looks like I had some great picks. One of my ESPN Tournament Challenge entries (labelled “Whimsical”) is in the 100th percentile, just outside the top 10,000, of nearly 3 million entries.

I wrote “looks like” above. It would be more impressive if that entry didn’t have Syracuse in the Final Four. Which is to say, I have nowhere to go but down, and with Gonzaga’s loss, I’m already headed that way. And you can see from the copy below my entries, there were nearly 7,000 people with perfect brackets after the first round. Unbelievable! There were 3, 4, 5, and 6 seeds that were upset, and those are hard to call, let alone all of them.

Though I kind of wonder, with almost three million entries, if that isn’t the equivalent of a million monkeys banging on typewriters. Somebody somewhere has to end up with a perfect bracket, right?

Not me, not this year…

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