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by Michael Alderete on 4/8/2005 · 1 comment

I’ve been a subscriber to the Sigalert service for a while. It’s a real-time traffic monitoring service that aggregates information from the sensors embedded in highways and major thoroughfares and CHP and CalTrans information about incidents like accidents, and combines it with mapping and routing functions, to give you a very complete picture of just how ugly traffic in your region is.

Casual users can view the basic traffic maps for free, but if you subscribe to the extended service, you get custom route monitoring (for your specific commute route, even primary and alternates), real-time alerts via email and text messaging to your mobile phone, and other features designed to keep you from getting stuck in traffic.

It’s these custom routes, and notifications of issues along them, that really make the service shine. When I was commuting regularly to Berkeley, I actually took a different route _to the site than from it. So being able to define multiple routes, and customize the alerts for the to and from segments for each, was the only way it was useful.

Brian Mikol April 8, 2005 at 1:07 pm

Thanks for the tip Michael - looks like a very, very cool (and inexpensive!) service. I might consider it after upgrading my 2000-era cellphone - the trips up to Sacto to see the ‘rents might be worth it (nevermind the commute aspect of it).

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