Kitchen Progress

This is the before-and-after, the reeeeally early version.

Here’s the before photo (which is after we removed a bunch of stuff from that side of the room):

Since that point, we’ve ripped out drywall, moved some pipes, and — most importantly — put our new (old/used) stove in place:

But, the real work starts on Monday. This weekend (indeed, tonight) we’re moving all of our stuff out of the kitchen. On Monday, the demolition crew will take everything out, except for some wonderful, 100 year-old wainscot (you can see it in the 2nd photo, covered in horrible paint and glue; it’s the lower part of the walls). We’ll be basically down to the studs.

On Wednesday, the electrician shows up, roughs in, and leaves. Then new plumbing, drywall, and we’ll have 80% of the project done.

With 80% left to do.

2 thoughts on “Kitchen Progress”

  1. Wow – a lot of work, but it’s already very clear that your kitchen is going to be awesome when it’s done! Love the new (old/used) stove!

  2. Oh my! What a project! Oh my! What a mess it’s gonna be for a while! On my! So much work! Oh my!

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