Almost there…

by Michael Alderete on 5/19/2005

We’re in the home stretch on the first phase of our kitchen remodel. The photos here were taken last week; I’ll be taking some more tomorrow when I can get back in with good light.

Here are the stove and refrigerator in their permanent spots. The walls have been primed and patched, but not yet painted. And we’re having a weird problem with the refrigerator’s rollers, where it’s tilting backwards. We’ve already begun lusting after a new fridge, with an icemaker. Plus the white fridge is going to look so icky in the new kitchen…

Panning around the room a bit, the stove is nicely aligned with the new pantry door. You can see some painted over paint patches, where we were trying out different colors, and then had to start painting over them, so they wouldn’t bleed through later. And this shot gives a decent look at the new trim on the pantry, which is used on all three doorways and the two windows.

That weird blotch with the squiggle is actually a wad of bubble wrap, stuffed into the original vent hole in the chimney. We’ve not yet patched it, and it’ll probably be on our list for “when we get to it.” For now, the bubble wrap is keeping the chimney from sucking all the heat from the house. The squiggle is the electrical wiring for the stove hood, which is a down-the-road purchase.

Here’s the opposite corner of the room, where the sink has yet to be installed. The cold and hot input pipes are sticking out under the window on the right, with a stick balanced across them. And more paint patches. The first set were to see the colors next to the brick of the chimney. These were to see the colors in the light that comes in the windows. For now you’ll have to guess which color we picked. If you look closely, you can see that we’ve got the ceiling painted (just one coat at this point).

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