Open, Open, Open!

With luck, and a signature from the city, Cafe du Soleil will open tomorrow. I could not be more excited!

Rochelle noticed activity (pastry boxes and such) at Cafe du Soleil yesterday, when walking past on her way to Muni. So today I went by around 11am, to see if they might be opening. I saw fresh baguettes in bags, but no people, and the doors were not open.

But after lunch, our contractor went by to have a look, and voila!, the doors are open, and there is bustling activity. I went in, and had a nice chat with one of the owners, and got a beautiful pecan bun.

They are not officially open yet, just offering the neighborhood some free samples of their pastry; there remains a signature from the city to obtain before they can serve other food, or drink. But it’s expected today, and tomorrow should be their first official day open.

The menu looks delightful; fresh, open-faced sandwiches, salads (the Caesar with chicken, which they were sampling, looked fabulous — it’s been years since we had a decent salad in the neighborhood), their spectacular pastry, good coffee, and an excellent selection of beer and French wine.

I am going to eat there every day for a month.

Update: I went back and took a photo of their menus, to provide full details on the food to be served. (I put them in the wrong order: the evening menu is on the left in the photo, and the morning/afternoon menu is on the right. I guess I was a little excited…)

Click the photo to see a full-size version

3 thoughts on “Open, Open, Open!”

  1. Michael,
    Thanks for the updates and menus. We live about a block away on Fillmore and I, for one, am irrationally excited for the cafe to open!

    Have you ever had the canelle pastries at other Rigo-owned venues? They are the most delicious treat *ever*.

    Thanks again and see you there!

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