Rigos the neighborhood

by Michael Alderete on 5/12/2005

GraceAnn Walden is probably our favorite of the SF Chronicle‘s current food writers, and her weekly column keeps up on the comings and goings of San Francisco restaurants, restaurateurs, and chefs. This week’s column had news that literally brought tears to my eyes: Pascal Rigo is opening a place right around the corner from our house (2nd snippet):

If a month goes by and Pascal Rigo doesn’t buy something or open a new cafe, I feel like I’m missing something. Well, he’s back at it. Eight months after opening Rigolo, he has bought Movida Lounge at 200 Fillmore St. (at Waller Street) in San Francisco, and will turn it into Le Cafe di Soleil.

Monsieur Rigo is the restaurateur behind our favorite bakeries, Boulangerie Bay Bread and Boulange De Cole Valley, among other establishments. The croissants made at his bakeries are better than most I had in Paris, and their walnut baguette is a staple at our parties, because it goes so perfectly with cheese.

I’m not kidding about tearing up when I read this; it’s the most exciting food news for our neighborhood since Memphis Minnie’s opened up across the street. Having one of M. Rigo’s establishments right around the corner will probably not be good for my waistline, but I will certainly enjoy the fight!

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