Subscribing to Podcasts in iTunes

by Michael Alderete on 7/12/2005

Phillip Torrone’s Audible does Podcasts – the complete guide is a nice write-up of a new feature at that supports the automatic download of periodic audible content, such as NPR’s Fresh Air (probably the best talk radio show on today).’s features provide support for receiving paid content using the same process for subscribing to the free podcasts which have recently become very popular. Although his article uses the very nice iPodder application to demonstrate the features, there’s no reason why you can’t use the built-in podcasting features of iTunes 4.9, and skip the extra application.

Here are instructions and a couple of screenshots, which you can splice into Phillip’s article where he’s working with iPodder.

Subscribing to Podcasts in iTunes

Note: These instructions require iTunes 4.9 or later, available as a free download from These instructions may be used with both the OS X and Windows versions of iTunes.

  1. Visit, log in, and go to the My Audible Podcasts page (irritatingly non-linkable, currently in the Gifts & Tips box on the left side of pages). web site, here's how to get to your My Audible Podcasts page
  2. Copy the personalized podcasts URL provided there. (These first two steps are exactly as documented by Phillip.)
  3. Switch to iTunes, and choose Subscribe to Podcast… from the Advanced menu.
    iTunes Advanced menu, Subscribe to Podcast
  4. Paste in your podcasts URL, and click OK.
    iTunes, Subscribe to Podcast dialog

You can now view and manage your podcasts in the iTunes podcasts window, just as you would any other podcast:

iTunes Podcasts List, with personalized subscriptions

Note: I don’t have any periodic subscriptions at this time, so there’s not much to see in my Podcasts list. I currently use exclusively for audiobooks…

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