Aldoblog is Now Hosted at TextDrive

I wrote previously about my DSL woes, which at the time seemed to be rain induced. But in the last two weeks I’ve started hearing increasing static on the phone line, and can only assume my wiring is disintegrating rapidly, in spite of the currently fabulous weather.

I’m doing two things. One is get bids for doing all new whole house wiring, for both voice and data. That should happen later this month, and solve the immediate issue.

But I’ve also had multiple outages which were caused by a bad card in the data center at my DSL provider, something I have no control over. The most recent outage was four days, and was stupid, because when the service tech showed up at my house, he found no issues here, checked the data center card, found that I and four other customers were all down, and he reset the card remotely. There’s absolutely no reason why that shouldn’t have happened within 5 minutes of my first call, instead of waiting four days, and staying home from work for half a day to meet the tech.

TextDrive: A Joyent CompanySo I’ve begun migrating my web sites and email to TextDrive, a provider with serious hardware and connectivity, starting with Aldoblog last weekend. More will move as I get time to do it, until I’m not hosting anything on the end of an unreliable (and slower) DSL connection.