Mas tequila!

It’s not quite the haul from our original trip, but we did manage to bring back a dozen bottles of fine tequila on our trip to Julio and Liliana’s wedding in Arandas, Mexico:

The haul from Tequila Trip #2

Once again we had no breakage or theft, in spite of packing everything in our suitcases (because of the War On Moisture), including two bottles that cost more than $100 each…

5 thoughts on “Mas tequila!”

  1. Nice haul, good ones!

    We recently brought back about 12 bottles and a few minis and nearly lost a very special one. Others didn’t fair so well, some lost a bit at the airport. Others had to pay to keep them. And one poor soul lost them in transit; they up and magically walk out of his bag. One lucky cali dude walked away with 20 something….nice.

  2. @MrAgave: The limits from state to state vary (Texas is particularly restrictive, we know from personal experience), but in California, you can drive two bottles across the border, but if you travel by air or steamship (that’s how old the law is), you can bring quite a bit more (my brain says 30 liters, but that’s surely not right). So, check with US Customs and your state’s laws, and you may be OK for larger limits.

  3. Most Excellent. I’m always worried that they will confiscate the bottles if I bring back more than 2 or 3 bottles of Tequila. But I keep hearing of people bringing back suitcases full. Jealous… drink up!

    MrAgave ~

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