How to digitize cassette tapes

It doesn’t provide the level of detail, screenshots, etc. that I would like, and it’s not focused enough on audiobooks, but Lifehacker has an article that outlines a procedure you can use to convert audiobooks on cassette tapes into MP3 tracks you can listen to on your iPod:

Lifehacker: How to Digitize Cassette Tapes

It’s basically as simple as using a specific cable to attach the line out on an ordinary tape player to the line in port on your computer or sound card, and pressing the record button in Audacity.

I think the article needs more screenshots, and details of moving the tracks into iTunes, and I think their recommended recording format (128 bit MP3) is not optimal for audiobooks, but if you’re trapped for days and need a break this holiday, the instructions will certainly get you something usable.

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