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by Michael Alderete on 1/9/2007 · 4 comments

Two thoughts about today’s Apple keynote given by Steve Jobs, and the introduction of the Apple iPhone.

The Apple iPhone The first is that it’s an absolute grand slam home run. Think about it this way: take away the phone and the Internet connectivity, and it would still be a breakthrough product, a truly amazing next generation for the iPod. It blows even the current iPods away, to say nothing of Zune and other competitors. People would easily pay $499 for it. (The original Newton MessagePad cost more at introduction, IIRC, $799.)

Similarly, take away the iPod and the Internet connectivity, and the phone is amazing. And then look at just the Internet connectivity — the email, web browsing, Google Maps, the connected widgets like weather and stocks — and in a handheld form factor, it’s revolutionary too. Any of these alone, it’s worth $499. Put them all together…

Second thought, can you guess at what time Steve announced the iPhone?

Apple stock price 2006-01-09

Backtracking using the CNET play-by-play of the keynote, it looks like the initial (and foolish) sell off came when Steve said he wasn’t going to talk about new Mac products. I can’t figure that out at all. When Steve said he wasn’t going to talk about the Mac for the rest of the keynote, I got chills down my spine. Something big is coming. What in god’s name inspired people to sell at that point?

OK, while we’re doing stock graphs, one last thought, courtesy of John Gruber:

Apple stock price vs. PALM and RIMM

And it will be interesting to compare Cingular vs. Verizon over the rest of this year…

mike January 9, 2007 at 10:05 pm
goldcoaster January 10, 2007 at 7:34 pm

You say take the phone / conectivity away and it is still great. I thinks is pretty expensive for a 4 or eight gig player (with no expansion).

As a phone, it has a pretty interface (but I hate using phones with just a touch screen, they are a pain to use for dialling and sms/mms’ing). There are plenty of smart phones around at the moment.

One thing they should have done was make it a 3g phone not the 2g, especially seeing it is not available in the us for 6 months and next year sometime in my country.

oops, one more thing - the battery isn’t user replacable - a must for mobile phones.

but the screen does look pretty, just like my ipaq (which is 640x480)

Alderete January 10, 2007 at 8:15 pm

@goldcoaster: In writing the post, I simplified away a few qualifications I might make, such as capacity. My assumption was that if you took out the phone and other wireless stuff, there’s room for a hard disk to get up to a capacity similar to the current full-size iPod, e.g., 30 gigs and up.

In regards to 2.5g vs 3g, you gotta start somewhere, and I would imagine that cost, size, or (most likely) power requirements dictated that EDGE was all they could do in the first version. C’est la vie.

Even bigger fanboys than me can come up with plenty of things it would be nice to have in the iPhone, but then only celebrities would be able to afford the $3,000 price tag. There is only so much you can do with today’s technology.

The question is, is it better than anything else out there? If you gotta be able to surf or text message people under the table while sitting in a boring meeting, maybe not. Don’t buy it. But I think it’s hard to argue that it’s not clearly a breakthrough in both capabilities and usability.

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