The Bloomsday Dead by Adrian McKinty

The Bloomsday DeadThe Bloomsday Dead, the latest novel by Adrian McKinty, has just been released in audiobook format. This is McKinty’s third novel to feature Michael Forsythe. Michael is a surviver, an angel of destruction, and a lyrical narrator; I intensely enjoy the character. Gerard Doyle has read all four of McKinty’s books, and has a lovely Irish accent that’s distinct enough for atmosphere, but not so strong as to be distracting. I greatly enjoyed the first two Forsythe novels, and have been looking forward to this one for almost six months.

The first two books are (in order) Dead I Well May Be and The Dead Yard, and they’re available from via the links, as well as and other online stores. Both are highly recommended, and judging from the early reviewer comments, so is this latest.

Note: I’ve only been able to get The Bloomsday Dead via, though it’s ::amazon(“0786160780”, “listed on”)::, as well a few of the specialized audiobook retailers. When I tried ordering it from, they sent me a follow-up email saying there was a delay of up to a month before they could ship it, so I cancelled the order. released it the next day, and that was that.

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  1. @Donna: Yep, that’s a good deal, even if you’re an monthly subscriber. I would jump on it.

    Audible has sales so regularly that it’s really not necessary to pay full price for any book, unless you just can’t wait for it. And that’s what your monthly selections are for, if you’re a subscriber. We’ll often use the sales to “stock up” on a few extra books right before a vacation, but otherwise just use our monthly selections to acquire books, at an average price of about $12.

  2. Audible has The Bloomsday Dead on special for $9.95 to members. You should have gotten an e-mail about the sale if you are a member through the 20th of March. There are 95 (items) on sale and I found 4 (selections) almost immediately. –Donna in AR

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