The Overlook by Michael Connelly

The Overlook, by Michael ConnellyThe latest Harry Bosch novel was released in print and audiobook formats earlier this week. The Overlook was originally published as a serial in the New York Times Sunday Magazine, but the novel has been expanded and revised. It’s still a lot shorter than most of Connelly’s works; the audiobook version clocks in at just over six hours, instead of the usual 10+.

Michael Connelly and Harry Bosch are who introduced me to the amazing pleasure that is listening to audiobooks. Rochelle and I began listening to Lost Light, the ninth Harry Bosch novel, on a drive back from LA. When we got home we parked the car, threw our stuff in the house, and climbed into bed to continue listening. It remains my favorite audiobook so far.

One of the truly terrific things about the Harry Bosch books is that the entire series is available in unabridged form. The Overlook is the thirteenth book so far, and all told there is more than 125 hours of listening pleasure. If you want to start at the beginning, here’s the full series to date:

  1. ::amazon(“1593352549”, “The Black Echo”):: [Formats: ::amazon(“1593352549”, “MP3 CD”)::, ::amazon(“1593356307”, “Audio CD”)::]
  2. ::amazon(“159335259X”, “The Black Ice”):: [Formats: ::amazon(“159335259X”, “MP3 CD”)::, ::amazon(“1593356390”, “Audio CD”)::]
  3. ::amazon(“1596009225”, “The Concrete Blonde”):: [Formats: ::amazon(“1596009225”, “MP3 CD”)::, ::amazon(“1596009209”, “Audio CD”)::]
  4. ::amazon(“1596009292”, “The Last Coyote”):: [Formats: ::amazon(“1596009292”, “MP3 CD”)::, ::amazon(“1596009276”, “Audio CD”)::]
  5. ::amazon(“159335312X”, “Trunk Music”):: [Formats: ::amazon(“159335312X”, “MP3 CD”)::]
  6. ::amazon(“1597376876”, “Angels Flight”):: [Formats: ::amazon(“1597376876”, “MP3 CD”)::, ::amazon(“159737685X”, “Audio CD”)::]
  7. A Darkness More Than Night
  8. City of Bones
  9. Lost Light
  10. The Narrows
  11. The Closers
  12. Echo Park
  13. The Overlook