Where is TiVo Transfer?

Roxio recently released an update to Toast Titanium 8, which includes, among other things, TiVo Transfer, the officially-sanctioned application for using the TiVoToGo feature of a Series 2 or Series 3 TiVo with Mac OS X. This application is used to move recorded shows off of your TiVo and onto your Mac, where you can play them back, convert them for viewing on your iPod, or archive them to DVD, etc.

The thing is, when I downloaded the ~175 meg update, and opened the disk image, there were five updated applications, but none of them were the updated TiVo Transfer. WTF?

Turns out you just need to run the main Toast application, and use the Extras menu to activate TiVo Transfer. The updated application will be written to the same directory as Toast.

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  1. GagetGav’s solution didn’t work for me, but Erika’s did. Here are two more little comments:

    1. After creating a new user account with admin privs, launching Toast ran me through the “first time setup” process that seems necessary to get TiVoToGo working again. For some reason, manually using the Setup Assistant didn’t do the trick. But Toast still couldn’t find the application, giving the “not found” message. I just launched the application manually. (Come to think of it, I’m not sure I tried that before creating the new user account.)
    2. After getting the app to launch again, I was prompted for the Media Access Key, which I found at my tivo.com account, which was more convenient that writing the thing down on a piece of paper in another room. But the app still had no idea where my files were, which is a non-default location. After telling it where they were, and after the one-time manual launch of the app, I can now get it going as usual, from the original login account, from the Extras menu. Thanks folks!
  2. Toast is an awful piece of software and Roxio’s “support” is non existent…
    I had Toast * and struggled to get it working for Tivo To Go, then I updated to get rid of the nag windows every time I started up and the update killed the Tivo Transfer item in the Extras menu.
    The way to fix it is to go to Help > Toast Setup Assistant and go through the set up as if you were installing for the first time. At the last step, your Tivo MAK wil be filled in from the previous setup, but the crucial Enable Tivo Transfers box will be unchecked. Check that and the application magically appears in the Toast folder.
    They really are terrible at writing software. I remember, back in the day, when Toast used to be decent. Unnecessary mostly, but decent. Since they got the guaranteed custom of Tivo pushing people their way the product has gone to the dogs. Try Tivo Decode Manager for a free way to transfer recordings.

  3. Regarding this problem in Popcorn 3: I got Roxio to give me a fix, and while I was very skeptical this would work…it did! Create a new user in the accounts section of the system preferences. Restart and log back in as the new user. Open popcorn, follow the setup and enable tivo transfers, and then go under the extras tab and open tivo transfers. Magically, it works this time! Once you do this, you can log back in as your usual user and it should work. Apparently there is some kind of conflict with something in the usual account, so this will bypass it. It worked for me and I am transferring tivo programs as we speak! Good luck!

  4. I have the same problem. I should would like to know. I have Popcorn 3 and Tivo Transfer cannot be found. As in Toast, it does appear in the extras menu but cannot be found.

  5. regarding missing Tivo Transfer, I followed your email and got to the “go to the ‘Extras’ and click Tivo Transfer from there. I have the Tivo transfer image there but then get the message…”Tivo Transfer could not be found….”

  6. Hey guys, I found it. You have to right click on Tosat 8 Titanium and chose Show Package Contents. Then go to Contents, Resources, and copy the TiVoTransfer.tar.gz file to the dekstop or the Toast 8 Folder. Double click on the file and it should expand to the TiVo Transfer application. Make sure that is in the Toast folder and you are all set.

  7. i bought Toast 8 and also found the”tivo transfer” in the extra menu bar. when i click the icon, it shows “tivo transfer could not be found” this is really WTF!!

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