Free audiobooks via podcasts

The San Francisco Chronicle recently ran a story about fledgling authors who get their start by publishing their books online, via podcast:

Take my book. It’s free. Giving away books as podcasts is new way to promote sales.

The basic idea is, the author reads their novel a chunk at a time, recording it, and publishing the recordings on a regular, sequential basis. A chapter a week is a common pattern. Interested listeners can download the recordings and listen to them on their computer, iPod, whatever. For free.

The best news is that iTunes can make receiving the periodic recordings totally automatic. Once you subscribe to the author’s podcast, the chapters will be downloaded automatically as published, and can even be automatically transferred to your iPod. Very slick.

The article has more details about the hows and whys, including references to the podcasts for several authors who got started podcasting, but are now professionally published, so it’s not just “hey, look at this cool technology” informative, it’s also got direct links to new authors and books for you to check out.

One thought on “Free audiobooks via podcasts”

  1. Hi, First Thank you for all your amazing info! Thanks to you I can now listen to books on cd from the library on my iPod as I work.
    I am a BIG fan of Pod-Books! I cannot tell you how many I’ve read! There is a GREAT site… You can subscribe to Podcast books many different ways including iTunes. I have had the pleasure of “reading” EVERYTHING (so far) from Scott Siglar, Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff and so many other AMAZING writers.

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