Crazy talk!

Michael on TV!I was getting lunch at Rosamunde Sausage Grill on Tuesday, when CBS reporter Mike Sugarman was talking to people about a PETA-backed group’s proposal to ban hot dogs from school cafeterias.

My reaction takes about a second in the two and a half minute segment, but it is me on TV, so I gotta point to it (hi Mom):

CBS5 San Francisco: Group Looks to Ban Hot Dogs in California Schools

My longer, more thoughtful reaction would be that getting quality food into school cafeterias is a hard problem, because there’s a lot of political issues in play, including funding, contracts, and so on. But the discussion is not helped by the radical vegetarian group PETA, who is hiding behind the scary “cancer” word, and a scientific study they helped sponsor but which does not reveal their affiliation.

I think lunch today will be a nice chili dog at Rosamunde!

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