Audiobook Builder for $5!

Audiobook Builder Audiobook Builder, my recommended solution for creating audiobooks from CDs, is on sale for 50% off ($5), for one day only. The sale ends at the end of the day, February 11th, at midnight Eastern Time.

I consider Audiobook Builder a bargain at its full price of $10. At $5, it’s a steal. Go get it! (Audiobook Builder is for Mac OS X only.)

3 thoughts on “Audiobook Builder for $5!”

  1. I love what Audiobook Builder does…but unfortunately I’m not a MAC user. Is there ANYTHING that does anything similar for the PC? Disc merge, Chapter maker, etc.

    1. @Chris: A number of Windows users have recommended a tool called Chapter & Verse. From the screenshots it looks promising, but I have not yet tested it myself.

  2. Thanks so much for your detailed instructions on how to get CD audiobooks onto MP3 Ipods using ITunes. I have been doing same for 5+ yrs, however, I have been missing out on the “convert to AAC format” step; meaning I have huge files on my iPod with over 700+ mgs taking up a lot of space. I also have many Audible books on my iPod and am at near capacity of 137G.
    By taking my CD audiobooks and running them thru the ACC conversion step, I’ll be able to get more books onto my iPod.
    I was seriously thinking of buying another 160G iPod and keeping the current one for all my favorites. Finding your webblog will help me to make better use of the one I have now and will delay the need to buy another $225+ iPod.
    Thanks again!

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