On Sale at Audible: Takeshi Kovacs Trilogy

Only for the next two days, and only for Audible.com members, but the deal is so good, I feel compelled to share this collection of three hard-edged science fiction novels, Altered Carbon, Broken Angels, and Woken Furies. I really enjoyed all three novels, and hope the author will return to the Envoy universe and write more of Kovacs’s story.

The Takeshi Kovacs trilogy

All three novels, unabridged, 55+ hours of audiobook, for $25 — less than $9 per novel, under 50¢ per hour! (Even when the sale ends on June 14th, this bundle will still be a nice deal.)

3 thoughts on “On Sale at Audible: Takeshi Kovacs Trilogy”

  1. Thanks, Michael. Still no luck and I’m signed in and even have it in my cart. As you said though, it looks like a great deal so I’ll end up getting it anyway. I’ll write to Audible and see if I can get the sale price.

    Again, many thanks–Kris

  2. Hi–Just looked at the series and Audible is not showing it on sale for $25. I only have a Basic membership so maybe it’s based on the plan?

    Also wanted to thank you for the info and recommendations you provide. I’m really enjoying the Harry Bosch series and totally agree with the golden voice choices.

    One of my favorites that I didn’t see on your list is the Bartimaeus series by Stroud. And another of the Audible specials was fantastic, Cutting For Stone by Verghese.

    Again, thanks and I hope I haven’t missed out on this trilogy!–Kris

    1. @Kris: Hmmm, it was my understanding that any membership would do to get access to the sale. Are you seeing the orange and yellow Summer Listening Sale banner graphic at the top of the Audible site? Should be on every page. Are you logged in? I just signed out, and the banner disappeared. I think the sale pricing might work the same. HTH!

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