Desk chairs

by Michael Alderete on 4/25/2005 · 7 comments

Alex asks for recommendations for desk chairs. I was going to answer in his comments, but it got to be long, so I thought I’d post here instead. I have three data points about desk chairs:

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Channel-specific RSS feeds

by Michael Alderete on 5/10/2003

For those of you who may not be interested in everything I write (hi Mom, sorry about all the technology stuff), here are some channel-specific RSS feeds:

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by Michael Alderete on 7/26/2002

As if we didn’t need more proof that the economy is crummy, here’s the exceptionally literate journal of a porn store clerk. It’s funny, a little sad, and very disturbing by turns. I just spent 1 1/2 hours reading the entire thing, and there’s no question the woman writing it deserves a better job, she’s a very talented writer.

Best of luck, Ali!

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100: Another milestone

by Michael Alderete on 4/14/2002

Hit another milestone on Saturday, now I’m under 100 messages. I am in serious danger of getting my act together…

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Magic numbers

by Michael Alderete on 4/9/2002

For years I’ve lived with hundreds of unanswered e-mail messages sitting in my Inbox at home. Since e-mail is my preferred form of communication this is a real problem, because basically anything “below the fold,” that is, not in the first screen of my Inbox, gets ignored, often indefinitely.

Periodically I would get into a groove and file some, delete more, and answer or act upon others, without ever really getting the situation under control. But recently I’ve been on a roll, hitting magic numbers that provide new motivation. Last weekend it was getting under 300, on Saturday it was 200. After last evening I’m under 150.

My Inbox displays 26 messages in one screen, so theoretically my final magic number should be 25. For now, though, the only number I’m looking at is 100.

Now if only I could make this happen at work…

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Happy birthday, Mom!

by Michael Alderete on 3/25/2002

Today is my mother’s birthday. I’m working at a tradeshow until 9pm tonight, but I’ll call her when I get home to wish her a happy birthday.

But if she checks here before then, Happy Birthday, Mom!

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A few Tournament predictions

by Michael Alderete on 3/14/2002

Here’s a couple of predictions for the 2002 NCAA Basketball Tournament which starts in about an hour.

Duke takes it all. Kansas looks really strong, but every Duke player in the rotation knows what it takes to win a national championship. Duke’s not invincible, but they know it. Expect Jason Williams to focus, and win.

No way Cincinnati is a Final Four team. Yeah, they have 30 wins, but they won’t get four more.

Gonzaga got screwed by getting a #6 seed, and faces #2 Arizona in the second round. It’s going to be a Final Four-level game. I think AZ is going to bring it, but I’d love to see the ‘Zags move on instead.

Stanford is out in the first round.

USC is going to last a bit longer, but has to face Duke. And will lose.

Cal wins a game, but probably not two.

UCLA out in the first round.

Oregon, without any Tournament experience, will win two games, but no more.

Last year my tournament picks were in the 96th percentile at ESPN’s Tournament Challenge; tell me how I did in three weeks!

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Hold on, please

by Michael Alderete on 2/24/2002

Steve Rubenstein, of the SF Chronicle, has a great suggestion for making the world a little less pleasant for telemarketers, the kind who call you during dinner.

The basic premise is that telemarketing is cost-effective because most people who are going to say no say it in the first 10 seconds of the call. This lets telemarketers dial as many as a couple hundred numbers an hour. If the “Nos” start slowing them down, by taking a couple minutes, the economics of telemarketing stop working.

How do you do this? When you get a telephone solicitation, say “Hold on, please” (or some variation), set the phone down…and let them wait to figure out you’re not coming back.

You’ll find it personally satisfying if you start doing this yourself, but the key to this technique really working, achieving the global aim of cutting down on telemarketing, is for lots of people to do it.

So, pass it on.

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Looking back at 2001

February 21, 2002

God knows we’re glad 2001 is over but, in retrospect, it wasn’t all bad.

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