Add a Keyboard Shortcut to Mail’s Load Images Button

May 6, 2013

The Load Images button in Apple Mail on Mac OS X doesn’t have a keyboard shortcut, and there’s no easy way to add one. This is very annoying. This article shows how to add one, using AppleScript and FastScripts.

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Well, That Was Interesting…

March 26, 2013

I’m sorry for the extended outage, my hosting provider basically pulled the plug on the server this site was on, with no notice to customers. I was not the only one knocked offline. The site is back now, and I believe in better hands.

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Very Quick Hardware Reviews

February 22, 2013

Since the last time I updated my hardware recommendations I’ve purchased: An iPhone 5 An iPod Touch, 5th generation (first with Lightening connector) An iPod Nano, 7th generation (first with Lightening connector) A Nexus 4 (yes, I’m giving Android a serious look) I’m going to be updating my hardware recommendations soon, but in the meantime, […]

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Notes on Importing Audiobook CDs into iTunes 11

February 18, 2013

To read Apple’s marketing copy for iTunes 11, you’d think that the new app was a massive rewrite, or maybe even All! New! Fortunately for my instructions for importing audiobook CDs, while there’s some nice changes, lurking right below the surface is much the same user interface. Importing audiobook CDs using iTunes remains much the […]

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Writing Again

February 16, 2013

It’s been a while since I published much here (visibly), but to answer a popular question, yes, I’m still here. I’m taking this three-day weekend to restart some efforts, including writing here on the blog, and also answering mail that has piled up. It’s going to take a while, but I’m slogging through it. What’s […]

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Simple Bracket for March Madness 2013

February 5, 2013

The Simple Bracket Kickstarter project looks incredibly cool: I’m a backer at the maximum level. If you’re a college basketball fan, it’s worth checking out. (And watch the video all the way to the end. ;-)

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Audie Audiobook Winners for 2012

June 8, 2012

Just a quick note to congratulate the winners for this year’s Audie awards, the Grammy Awards of the audiobook world. (Yes, I know there is an actual Grammy for audiobooks, but the Audie is the real award to win.) The 2012 Audie winners are all available at, for your immediate listening pleasure.

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Memorial Day Weekend Sale on Elvis & Sookie at Audible

May 26, 2012’s Memorial Day sale is celebrating the three day weekend (in the US) with three different series on sale. Every book in each series is available, and priced at $7.95, a serious savings. Get a book for the price of a decent six pack, or a Summer’s worth of listening for half what you spent […]

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Getting the British Harry Potter eBooks and Audiobooks

May 8, 2012

With the launch of the store at, it’s now possible to get digital versions of all seven Harry Potter novels. I own all of the audiobooks twice over, and several of the printed books, but the eBooks represent something new: the chance to read the British version of the novels. Alas, due to insanely […]

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iPads 1, 2, 3

April 13, 2012

So I bought a first-generation iPad, Rochelle got an iPad 2 as a “spousal patience” present, and we both got “the new iPad (3rd generation)” when it came out in March. Obviously if we’re still buying them, we must like them. But, how about some details? What do we use them for? Why is the […]

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Aldoblog Redesign In-Progress

March 16, 2012

After a very long run with a customized Kubrick WordPress theme, I’ve finally gotten around to upgrading to a more modern theme, built on the Thesis Theme for WordPress. The visual design is currently pretty Spartan, I hope to dramatically improve that in the not-too-distant future. For now, the new theme improves the foundation of […]

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Three Reasons to Not Change the Behavior of the iPhone Ring/Silent Switch

January 21, 2012

Been a bit of a brouhaha recently about the behavior of the iPhone’s ring/silent switch, kicked off by an article in the New York Times. John Gruber, Andy Ihnatko, and Marco Arment have weighed in, and covered most of the ground for and against, but here’s three specific thoughts I haven’t read elsewhere: The iPhone’s […]

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