Name That Bar!

That candy bar, that is…

Different kind of bar than I usually spend time with, but I didn’t do half-bad. The Name That Candy Bar game lets you look at a cross section of candy bars and guess what they are.

I felt like I did pretty well, considering a lot of the bars are not available in California. Some used to be, but there were quite a few I’d never even heard of. “Mr. Big”, anyone?

My overall score was:

  • 10 right
  • 14 wrong

However, of the 14 I missed, 10 were candy bars not in California, most of which I’d never heard of, or eaten even once. So, I only couldn’t identify 4 candy bars out of 14 that I should have known. Rochelle was impressed. (Well, maybe impressed isn’t quite the right word…)

Anyway, an amusing way to pass a little time…