What’s happening in your neighborhood? EveryBlock.com can tell you!

There’s a new web site launched this week, EveryBlock, that aggregates together all of the “news” and makes it available on a very geographically-specific basis — that is, specifically for your block. They launched covering only three cities, but San Francisco is one of them.

My block on EveryBlock.com

Want crime reports for your neighborhood? Got ’em. Want restaurant inspection reports? Got ’em. Want reviews of local establishments on Yelp? Got ’em. They compile standard news outlets, public records, other local sites, and even geo-tagged Flickr photos.

Go to the site, type in your street address, and then spend the next hour (or more) browsing the different pieces of information available. This is seriously interesting. I think in the long run it’ll be as influential as craigslist.

(I have no affiliation with EveryBlock, I just figure that everyone has an interest in what’s happening in their neighborhood, and this looks like a compelling way to find out.)

Nighttime Excitement

Mom, don’t read this post. Seriously.

We just had a shooting on our block, directly across the street from our house. Both Rochelle and I were already awake, me at the computer, she in bed reading. Six to eight shots, at first I thought it was firecrackers. And then it was done. Well, the shooting part. The drama afterwards is still going on, an hour later.

Our neighbor, who is a bartender, had just come home and was out walking his dog. He was 10 feet from the guy who got shot. One other victim looked only lightly hurt, probably he was just in the way. But the other guy…dunno if he’s going to make it. Even across the street, we could see his bleeding…

I suppose we’ll hear more about it tomorrow. Rochelle commented that maybe this was a sign that we should go to the Mayor’s District 5 town meeting that is tonight (since it’s early Thursday as I write this)…