DHI 78-80

Daily Home Improvements: hardware upgrades, scraping up crap, and for sale!, a 19″ Trinitron monitor!

DHI 78: I installed more RAM and another hard disk into my Mac. The RAM was especially needed, because I was getting huge numbers of swap files on my system during regular use, and every once in a while would get stuck in VM swapping. Painful, but seems to be solved now. The extra hard disk is so that I can enable software mirroring for my main drive, to protect against disk crashes. If you’ve ever lost a hard disk to mechanical or other catastrophic failure, you know that an extra $100 to prevent it is more than worth it.

DHI 79: I used a paint scraper to scrape up some gunk from our bedroom doorjamb, which has been there for months, and occasionally driving me nuts that our house cleaner was not seeing and getting rid of. It took all of 30 seconds, once I had the tool. While I was at it, I scraped up a couple paint drippings from the floor in the water closet.

DHI 80: I just listed one of my 19″ Sony Trinitron monitors on Craigslist.org, for $75. It will be nice to get this thing out of the house!