Senator Lott in Favor of Vietnam War

Senator Lott seems to be in favor of any war, if the president is leading the charge.

Last week Senator Trent Lott sharply criticized Senator Tom Daschle for asking some uncomfortable questions and wanting answers about the so-called war on terrorism:

In his initial reaction Thursday to Daschle’s questioning of Bush’s strategy, Senate Minority Leader Trent Lott, R-Miss., had said, “How dare Senator Daschle criticize President Bush while we are fighting our war on terrorism, especially when we have troops in the field? He should not be trying to divide our country while we are united.”

I guess Senator Lott would have been blindly in favor of the Vietnam War, too, and assert that asking questions about it would have been un-American.

I disagree, strongly, with people who say we need to unite unquestioningly behind the current administration’s policies. There’s a lot to question, and a lot that’s being kept secret about the administration’s activities (and not just about the war).

It’s pretty clear our current president likes secrecy and doesn’t like to have to answer uncomfortable questions (probably because he has to think to do so, and he’s not working with a high-horsepower engine).

I think that’s un-American.