What’s old is new again

by Michael Alderete on 12/3/2004

One of the funny things about converting from one weblog system to another was that I discovered a bunch of old posts which never got, well, posted. I had them saved as drafts, but the old system didn’t show drafts in a pending section, so if I forgot to actually publish, they would eventually roll off my screen entirely, to be forgotten.

The new system makes it really obvious when there are drafts sitting, waiting to be completed. So, I’m going in and finishing them up, and then publishing them on their original dates. This means that you won’t see them unless you scan back (way back) in time, or run across them in a search. But who knows, maybe Google will pick them up and funnel someone to them someday. Worth getting online, anyway, if only to get them out of the Drafts bin.

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