The Cats

A comedy of errors

June 3, 2003

Rochelle and I have great fun with each other while on vacations, but we don’t always travel well together. Our trip to Costa Rica was a textbook example. The passport problem was just the beginning of our troubles.

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Channel-specific RSS feeds

May 10, 2003

For those of you who may not be interested in everything I write (hi Mom, sorry about all the technology stuff), here are some channel-specific RSS feeds.

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DHI 81-84

March 30, 2003

Daily Home Improvements: commercial transactions, general stuff, sweeping up, and a new cat pan plan.

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DHI 72-77

March 23, 2003

Daily Home Improvements: ransom notes?, basement dumping, general cleanup, mite shit removal, and a new jungle gym for the cats.

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DHI 64-69

March 16, 2003

Daily Home Improvements: power upgrades, pillow talk, the framers, sticking my battery where it belongs, peace talks, and the inevitable blog tweakage.

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The last burger

March 11, 2003

I just ate the last burger. The last burger sold by Rosamunde Sausage Grill. I took it next door to Toronado, ordered a Big Daddy IPA, and ate it. It was the last one. Because today is the last Burger-Day.

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How to chase cats

March 10, 2003

My buddy at work was laughing, and when I asked what at, he sent me the URL to a funny article, The Horror of Blimps. You’ll probably be disappointed after the build-up, but when she read it Rochelle laughed so hard she cried.

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BeBox extension Top 10

January 21, 2003

Rochelle suggested that I should write up a Top 10 list of reasons why I should get an extension on my BeBox project, instead of her throwing them on the street.

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The Cat that Barfed the Copper Pennies

August 24, 2002

I just ran into Cecil, our oldest cat, in the hallway. He was standing, staring at a penny right in front of him on the floor. There was a second penny just to the side. I asked him, “Are you eating those, or barfing them up?” He just looked at me.

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Queen of the bed

May 20, 2002

Recently Rochelle has been coming home to find Basta laying in the middle of our bed, with a look that says “I’m the Queen of the Bed.”

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Too soon

April 29, 2002

I spoke too soon. Cecil has the same thing that Meebee had before Rochelle and I got married. We caught it much earlier, so he’ll get more benefit from the chemotherapy, but he does have intestinal cancer.

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By the pound

April 28, 2002

In related news, we spent $800 on tests for our 16-year old cat, Cecil, to learn that nothing is really wrong with him, except he’s old. A recent “Rhymes with Orange” comic strip explains that you should not think about these things by weight.

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